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Job Description


A practising midwife is responsible for providing midwifery care in accordance with such standards as our client may specify from time to time to a woman and baby during the antenatal, intranasal and postnatal periods.


  • Provide sound family planning information and advice
  • To prescribe or advise on the examination s necessary for the earliest possible diagnosis of pregnancies at risk
  • To provide a programme of parenthood preparation and a complete preparation for childbirth including advice on hygiene and nutrition
  • To care and assist the mother during labour and to monitor by the appropriate clinical and technical means
  • To conduct spontaneous deliveries including when required an episiotomy and in urgent case, a breech delivery
  • To recognise the warning signs of abnormality in the mother or infant which necessitate referral to a doctor and to assist the latter where appropriate, in particular the manual removal of the placenta, possibly following a manual examination of our client
  • To examine and care for the new-born infant: to take all initiatives which are necessary in case of need and to carry out where necessary immediate resuscitation
  • To care for and monitor the progress of the mother in the postnatal period and to give all necessary advice to the mother on infant care to enable her to ensure the optimum progress of the new-born infant
  • To carry out treatment prescribed by a doctor
  • To maintain all necessary records



Working in teams and delivering care in a specialist antenatal clinic, preconception /fertility clinic, family planning clinic, ward environment, delivery suite for high risk women, labour ward theatres, Home from home unit for low risk women or neonatal unit.

Some midwives specialise in diabetes, HIV, Substance abuse, epilepsy, teenage pregnancy, etc.


Visiting at home pre and post-delivery, conducting antenatal clinics and home deliveries.